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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  February 2, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm EST

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maria: thank you for being with us. we will see you tomorrow. time for "varney & company." >> thank you very much, maria. hello, everyone. i am tom sullivan. i am in for stuart. even seattle players joined in the course of fans and other nfl players that did not understand why he decided to throw the ball on the one-yard line. we will also be talking about the ads. many of you will be wondering what nationwide was thinking with its dead kid at. hugs and phone calls to mom as
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payment at mcdonald's. we have it all on "varney & company" which starts right now. ♪ >> let's check the big word. bouncing back right now. they get a report from the manufacturing set their way on stocks. not that far away from the 7000 mark. loyola moving higher. the largest national strike since 1980. gas prices holding steady. price of regular up two and a half cents since this time last week. look at that. 1.764810 year treasury.
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stocks reacting to another negative read on the economy. >> aims are certainly better tom. the market is react into what is going on in europe. it is reacting to what i am calling the quantitative easing. unless we get some type of fiscal reform in the united states i think the market languishes here over the next several months. >> europe is firing up their quantitative easing. they have all kinds of problems. they have protesters in spain over the weekend. they want anti-austerity. >> i think that is something that is worrying our market. the strengthening dollar is also worrying our market. two and a half, two and a quarter% growth.
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that is weighing on the markets. the quantitative easing was working for a very long period of time. you need political reform. you need corporate tax reform. tom: you say it was working but it was artificial. we do not have a pure market. >> we will not have one for a very long time. we are in the age of governmental intervention. the united states will be in their manipulating the market for a long time. it is harder to manipulate it now because you are up against a budget. you are up against the structural reforms that are needed in the united states and others. tom: we will take a look at that super bowl.
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was that a great game or what? an amazing ending thanks to what many are calling the worst call in super bowl history. a lot of people wondering why pete carroll did not just run the ball. he had lynch bayer, the bulldozer. the nfl's all-time leading rusher chiming in. emmitt smith. that was the worst play call i have seen in the history of football. joining us now on the phone is pete schrager. >> this is one where i was in the building. up on the field. ready to go out there. the fans. the players. the officials were shocked that lynch did not get the ball.
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malcolm butler. an undrafted rookie out of west alabama. zero interceptions his entire career. i am at the airport right now. there are some long faces. >> this was fair game. you do not even have to be a football expert. i do not know, who called the play? >> pete carroll, to his credit, one of the most beloved guys in the league he said it is all on me. i am the head coach. the defense was up 10 points late in the game.
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they are supposed to be the greatest defense in nfl history. somehow, someway tom brady takes the troops and get those touchdowns. their defense stops russell wilson and the seattle offense. tom: the best super bowl ever. where do you rank it? >> i was here in phoenix with the giants. to me, it is those two games. the final two minutes, the fourth quarter i will never forget where i was for both of those games. and the feelings i had and the amount of amazing unlikely endings and both of those games. this is right up there. >> it sure is right up there. what about tom brady being the
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mvp? without malcolm butler, the patriots probably it would have lost that game. >> butler is the mvp as far as your cool stories go. tom brady is magnificent. here is the best story, next year, super bowl 50 is in santa clara. that is where tom brady grew up. it was a whole team effort. they got it from the most unlikely of players, malcolm butler. >> thank you so much for being on with us. it really was an amazing game last night. thank you so much. this ad by nationwide, roll the
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tape. ♪ >> i will never learn to fly. or travel the world with a best friend. i will never get made. >> a dead kid. right in the middle of the super bowl. my heart just dropped. i thought about all the people that have lost children. >> a little shocking. the whole advertising community went in that direction. a lot of stuff with the dads. the feel-good stuff with the young women. usually, funny is more enjoyable for the average super bowl
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viewer. people didn't listen because they were so threaded with some level of controversy. >> the messages, be safe at home. >> love your dad. all positive messages. just a lot more fun when they are throwing cheese that that each other. p2 how about make donald. they want you to pay with love. how about this one. ♪ >> that strawberry sundae is waiting on you. >> you pay with love.
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>> i just want to get my hamburger. i do not want to hug anybody. here is the problem. they have to change the menu. they have to get less off of this and more onto that. i love the stock here, though. i think it will happen. tom: i know you have been positive on them. oil is up and airlines are taking the hit this morning. nicole. nicole. oil for up for the third day in a row. airlines are getting hit hard. the group is getting hit hard. you have higher oil. two storms also. not only airways.
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it has really been hit hard. when i think about the mcdonald's commercial, i love that i thought it was really sweet. then i think about all those people at starbucks that one up but our names on the cup. just give me the coffee. new yorkers are friendly, but at the same time -- tom: people like mcdonald's coffee two. the goal petallides at the new york stock exchange. >> a lot of taxes spent. peter barnes is at the white house.
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this is not a surprise. maybe there is some compromise here. >> let's run through some of the details. of this $4 trillion budget it would be in discretionary spending. the president wants to bus to those sequester caps. provide half of this increase to the pentagon. he also wants, by my edition about 900 exceed billion dollars on higher income earners. limiting tax reductions by wealthier pairs. he wants to do $478 billion over six years.
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14% tax on foreign profits. the president wants to take some of his money and spend it on new tax cuts for the middle class. some want to increase defense spending. there could be a deal there. a lot of them want to do something on infrastructure spending. finally, the republicans have been talking about tax proposals to help the middle class. this is all negotiation. >> the smallest number on your list there was no class. we will have to wait to see.
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is it enough to quiet the movies critics? katie macfarland with us for more on this one after the break. >> a woman and a kid 20 yards out. moving towards the convoy. she is carrying something. >> i think you are wrong. ♪ so what about that stock? sure thing, right? actually, knowing the kind of risk that you're comfortable with i'd steer clear. really?
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♪ tom: let's check the big board. the stock market is up 18 points. we had minus signs most of the morning. we are down a little. down a half percent. steak shack with was a big
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winner. right now, shares at 4362. a little off from where that big, big move was on friday. united steel workers go on strike at nine u.s. plants and refineries. it affects about 10% of production in the country. gas holding steady. $2.05 now. anthony is still with us. are we hitting bottom? we were going down every single day and now we are not. >> we will be in a lower trading zone than any of us would like to be. it needs a certain fundamental things to happen above or beyond the quantitative easing. corporate earnings will be okay.
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there will be some share repurchase. we have a lower expected growth ahead of us. >> it is kind of the wet blanket that is sitting there. >> you cannot edit done with quantitative easing. tom: american sniper bringing in their need $1.9 million. the biggest super bowl weekend gross of any ever. listen what is being done to honor chris kyle. >> and the proclamation that i will be issuing here at noon in austin today, i am recognizing chris and the fact that he is in the face of so many other military heroes that we have had in this country. those that risk their lives. those that will do things that most of american cannot even comprehend to make america a
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safer place. america should honor our heroes like chris kyle. >> aman goes out and defend his country. that is what hollywood does not get. >> even bradley cooper said this is about the soldier. >> blood and treasure. it is also a psychological cost. >> no question. >> and then you get people on
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other channels who says chris kyle is a racist on a killing spree. >> i do not get isis. they kill one japanese hostage. now, they kill him over the weekend. >> think of what has happened. five taliban and generals. isis is winning every step of this. what image do you have in your head? i think that the united states needs to understand they want a different agenda here. you have to flip the story. please do not execute any of
11:22 am
ours. change the conversation. $200 million goes a long way. >> it has amazed me that we have not found where they are. >> we have not found them. we have not launched any rescue nations. we know they have more americans. what we have done by the willingness to negotiate and compromise hostages are a valuable currency. go out and get more. >> kt mcfarland. thank you. always good to see you. up next. the brady bunch. taking center stage at the super
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bowl. we have a wrapup of your favorite ad. the one that got a lot of people upset. right after the break. ♪ ♪ when i wake up ♪ ♪ i know i am going to be ♪ ♪ going to be the man ♪ ♪ when i go out ♪ ♪ yeah, i know i will be ♪ ♪ i will be ♪ ♪ the man that goes along with you ♪ ♪
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light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: the super bowl was great. if your team wasn't playing, chances are you're watching for the super bowl ads. david is here to tell us the best and worst. david neuman, let's start with the budweiser advertisement. was that a winner to . >> yes absolutely this was an emotional type of super bowl commercials this year. budweiser definitely knows the formula. definitely the same thing that we saw this last year as well, they know the formula. stuart: what about the e-surance featuring bryan cranston from
11:28 am
"breaking bad." >> yeah, i thought that that was great. you have a lot of "breaking bad" fans. stuart: we were talking about an ad before the show and it was snickers. and i thought i didn't see it. and they described it to me and said, okay, i remember that and the product. >> i thought that that was really well done. i did see it prior to the super bowl airing. it involves the bushehr steve buscemi and one of the hungrier segments that they've done. stuart: let's get onto the worst super bowl ads. this advertisement from nationwide about a dead kid. >> yes, having a dying kid is your super bowl ad i mean i don't want to be depressed, i want to be happy watching the
11:29 am
game. stuart: i felt server the the people that lost kids over the years it had to watch that advertisement. >> did you see the syrupy scene that we saw yesterday? >> you know, i don't think so, but deemed to be that maybe a lot of companies were looking to go a different direction this year. everyone is looking for these funny commercials and they're trying to had an audience in a different way. stuart: mcdonald's did a switcheroo. what did you make of there is? >> certainly some mixed sentiment. we will get people talking about these commercials by various age groups. the younger they were, the more they were making fun of it. and that kind of contracted a lot. see one what about the older people? >> i think it was pretty positive area a good scene, and doing something different.
11:30 am
stuart: will lead to more people going to mcdonald's? >> i think that well. if all you have to do is call your mom and tell her that you love her, that's not too difficult. stuart: i don't want to hug anyone a mcdonald's. [laughter] cement that is true. stuart: tran-five thank you so much. coming up next president obama says his taxes to spend on economics are there to help the middle-class. but are they actually doing more harm than good in middle america? guy benson weighs in after the break. ♪ ♪ the future of the market is never clear. but at t. rowe price we can help guide your retirement savings. our experience is one reason 100% of our retirement funds beat their 10-year lipper averages. so wherever your long-term goals
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stuart: checking the big board we have the dow jones up we started off with a negative the first hour or so and now it's positive. oil was higher most of the morning as well united steelworkers union telling people to go on strike at major refineries barely turning -- well it is just up a fraction i now almost 1.5%. gas prices holding steady at $2.5. regular ups up since this time last week and the ten-year treasury at the lowest level since may 2013.
11:35 am
so check that out. president obama claiming that he's all in for the middle class. but it turns out that many of his policies are hurting the very people that he says he wants to help and that's not me saying it. that is what paul ryan has to say. >> he gave us a lot of happy talk about the economy, as if it was a mission accomplished speech. it's not, we have a long way to go, people are hurting and we have to get back to work to fix this. stuart: editor and fox news contributor guy benson is with us. he says he wants to help the middle class. everyone is saying that. have you help the middle class by taxing the rich? >> tom, it's good to be with you. if you look at the analyses of the budget proposal, $4 trillion that he is announcing right now. if you look at the net and that with all of the numbers that are cronje the crunch numbers, they get a
11:36 am
very small number increase. he talks about redistribution fairness, that kind of thing. when he is coining a term like middle-class economics, his budget will actually increase the overall tax burden for the average middle-class earner. so are there any policy prescriptions that both sides could agree upon this over the next three to six months? and if so, what are they? >> here is the problem. there are a couple in there, one being corporate tax overall the lowering of the raid. but the president and his opening bid, his buddy has put out this and it a lot of strings attached, repatriation and those sorts of things. but trying to lower and make a more sensible corporate tax rate is something where there is common agreement and another one
11:37 am
would be to some extent in construction spending. conservatives believe that it is a proper role of government to spend money on infrastructure and the question is how do you pay for it. second of all, in this budget, the president calls for about have a chilling dollars of infrastructure spending over the next six years. $470 billion to be precise. i think what a lot of republicans on capitol hill are going to ask you is okay hang on, mr. president, we understand that this is a core function of government. why is it that you are calling for more infrastructure spending, taxpayers to pay for you are threatening to veto the keystone pipeline in which only this infrastructure requires the government to get out of the way and say yes to let the private sector do its thing. >> whether it is the corporate tax rate reduction on all and all these things, it is the same old song the we have been hearing and people by now are saying that i've heard this and i've that i've seen this movie and i know how it turns out. my income is still lower and
11:38 am
herding. >> there's very little that is new in the budget. one of the big things that got a lot of attention which is now gone, it has been jettisoned because it created such a stir is that raising taxes or taxing for the first time college savings accounts which was going to hammer a lot of middle-class families. in the current budget also looks like it only cuts the taxes for about 12.5 or 13% and will middle income earners. there were dueling slams on various elements of the middle class. virtually as you point out that nothing, very little new in this budget proposal. how long have they been talking about crumbling roads and bridges. tom: yes i know and they are still crumbling. last question and putting on the spot, if everyone is for the reduction of taxes, why don't the republicans are controlled house and then it passed a clean bill on reducing corporate taxes and let him veto it?
11:39 am
>> that's a good question and i think the reason is that you have to talk to folks like this at the ways and means. i think that when there is a central area of agreement that both parties want to work toward, there is an incentive as they try to negotiate to keep that sort one thing on the table, finding a way to get towards it a few of them being snipped here in arizona there something that's acceptable at the end of the day. tom: guy benson, always good to get your take on it. well, carnival cruise lines debuting its first super bowl ad last night. only 4% of people in america take cruises. will this change her mind? let's take a look. >> we are tied to the ocean and when we go back to the sea whether it is to sail or to watch it, we are going back from where we came.
11:40 am
[applause] [applause] >> we are joined by the ceo arnold donald. it sounded like john kennedy was narrating these ads is this going to increase your business? you hope? >> well, yes we produce this advertisement and three others all available at cruise kabul is one across our nine brands. the one is the connection to the sea that we feel, that we all feel. it's a great human spirit experience and we thought that the accommodation this was a great way to demo what people say they are feeling. then again, it stood out with jfk and all of that. tom: we wish you and the entire cruise industry much success driven or cost a lot of money to
11:41 am
put that out there. thank you. and the cdc saying that the measles outbreak has started in disneyland and it could be reaching epic proportions. should we be time to make mandatory vaccines for everyone? >> this is one area where the state has been trying to protect the majority from those that don't want to get vaccinated. want to know how hard it can be... breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled...
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>> hello, i am nicole petallides with your fox news update. the dow jones up 17 points 17,242 has been down 127 points. so we certainly see that volatility in 2015. the s&p 500 up 12 nasdaq up 14 at the moment. exxon and chevron leading the dow jones. and we can see a lot of winners right there at 7.5%. shake shack up near 120% last friday, hitting the lowest point ever. still well above the ipo price. at radioshack, another mover and shaker today down 20% and they are competing with standard general, and that is your update
11:44 am
11:45 am
♪ tom: the former new york governor told fox news that he is actively exploring a 2016 bid for president. the news broke on this program and anthony is still here. so who is he going to throw his weight around what? >> welcome i think it's too early for governor romney to be making this decision.
11:46 am
>> he had a dinner with chris christie the other night. >> this is sort of like the nba free agency were you can get courted by everyone in the republican party. no reason for him to drop in endorsement yet and i don't think that he will. this is an interesting story about the governor. you have to be organized in 12 to 40 states just to get going and it is 100 million for the primary and a billion to be the president. tom: that is a lot of money. the measles continuing to spread. fourteen states, okay, judge andrew napolitano is here. some want to make vaccinations mandatory. >> before the interview, you ran a clip of somebody that looked like john stossel. but it could not have been john. the words that came out of his mouth were those of some woodrow
11:47 am
wilson progressive who wouldn't want their child vaccinated. [laughter] >> who owns your body? that is what i would say. tom: i said to john stossel that mandatory and government in the same paragraph -- >> let me backtrack. in my world in the libertarian world and in john's world as well, there wouldn't be government schools, they be like starbucks, on every street corner, competing with each other, they would be very efficient and inexpensive. this school gets you to princeton, this teaches you to be an aircraft engineer, school says you have to be vaccinated. you should make it so you can pick and choose where you want but the world we have today is mandatory government schools. with some exceptions if you go to a private school and if you can do home schooling. so confronting the world, the issue remains does the government have the right to
11:48 am
force vaccinations and in my view it is not because if you are an adult you own your own body and if you are a parent, you are the custodian of the body of your child and the government can say that we won't let you in the door if the child is not vaccinated. but the government cannot force needles and pens and your kids again without your approval. >> i get back. the public health curtain seems to be one that moves a little bit differently than so many others. >> that is the excuse the government gives when they want to intrude. remember when chris christie says this -- and it's going to spread the ebola virus over all of new jersey. and then they let her out and she didn't spread it to anyone. if there is a typhoid mary out there, a human being or a discrete group of human beings who are spreading the disease they can be confined.
11:49 am
but to suggest that because they are children they are susceptible and they must be vaccinated against the will of the parents is not justified on the the constitution. i don't have children but if i did, i would get them vaccinated. i was vaccinated and i survived my nieces and nephews have been vaccinated and they survived. it is a healthy thing to do but we have have the freedom to say yes or no. tom: what about the doctors are saying that i won't see you or your children are not vaccinated. >> poorly they have the right to do it, but legally they do not. you can sue your doctor. if the doctor's job to vaccinate himself. >> what about stossel? >> well, i don't know where the tables are. you know, if he wasn't pulling your leg john and i need to spend a little time together.
11:50 am
[laughter] tom: okay up next jamie colby host of our new hit reality show "strange inheritance." she has a new episode coming up and the preview coming up after the break. ♪ ♪
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startup-ny. it's working for new york state. already 55 companies are investing over $98 million dollars and creating over 2100 jobs. from long island to all across upstate new york, more businesses are coming to new york. they are paying no property taxes no corporate taxes no sales taxes. and with over 300 locations, and 3.7 million square feet available, there's a place that's right for your business. see if startup-ny can work for you. go to
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tom: breaking news apple announcing that it is going to be going another $5 billion in bonds, and 1% or so in interest will be made rather than bringing in all that money overseas that expatriated money. anthony, what do you make of it? >> it fits into the low growth he says after tax costs about 0.61%. think about that as you could borrow money for five or 10 years. buying back stock, increasing the dividend and that will continue to power ahead. tom: on tonight's episode of "strange inheritance", jamie colby gets a rare look at an artifact that came out of the wild west of texas. let's take a look.
11:55 am
>> these guns are from bonnie and clyde. >> really? >> yes, let's help you hold a piece of history. >> it's not loaded, is it? >> no. >> we're we are not sure who may have carried the gun. >> i'm holding something that probably kill people. tom: jamie colby joins us now. >> you know, killing people is not my area of expertise. i don't do that but i do make people laugh and i do make people feel in these episodes. two original episodes tonight, 9:00 p.m. on the fox business network, we are so excited and the first is the very famous coin dealer known for having a fake metal that was in 1913 nickel that he carried around, he cocked it up, i tried to do that and i did actually touch it
11:56 am
in my hands generations later two generations, it was in a shoebox in the closet when ryan gibbons who you'll meet in the episode, figured let me have someone calls take a look at it. when they do, he is in for the shock of his life. he so happy not just for the money, were talking serious money, a lot more than a nickel, for clearing the reputation of his great uncle's name. and yet all of these stories what they want to do -- and there's a little sword fighting and grenade action. i have seen it and tried it all. and so bonnie and clyde's weapons were inherited by a man in waco the nickel was in roanoke, virginia, went to 25 states and eight months. to hold the gun of bonnie parker in my hands was incredible. these were the final weapons that they had strapped onto them
11:57 am
when you see the episode tonight and you think you know everything about them, i turn to you that there is suspense and twists and turns. >> everyone is talking about it. thank you so much. minor clock tonight on the fox business network. in the meantime, mcdonald thinks they can turn things around by letting customers pay with love and hugs. next, the former ceo of mcdonald's ways in. and fire up those printing presses, the president delivers his budget to congress $4 trillion and more taxes coming. our number two of "varney & co." started next
11:58 am
11:59 am
tom: mcdonald's having a hard time getting anyone young or old into their restaurants. what is their solution? paper your food with tugs and phone calls to your mom. their new ad campaign called pay with loving debuted during the
12:00 pm
super bowl sales have been down and the stock has been down and the ceo of stepping down. and they're hoping that love is going to get them through. in a minute, the man that ran mcdonald's for more than a decade, what does he think about the brand that he held to build as our number two gets under way ♪ ♪ ♪♪ tom: checking the big board, the dow jones of little bit of a climb after starting in the hole this morning. exxon mobil said profits fell 21% this week oil prices took a toll and results still better than expected. the stock is up one and a 3%. oil moving higher as well oil workers going on the largest national strike in 35 years.
12:01 pm
a bunch of refineries are being hit. oil prices nervous. gas prices holding steady at $2.5 and the price of regular of 2.5 cents since this time last week. in the 10 year treasury, the lowest interest rate that we have seen on this thing since back in 2013. a big drop on interest rates again. let's get to mcdonald's operator customers a chance to play with loving. >> tell me what you love? >> i love compassion for other people. >> your meal is free right now. >> what do you think? [inaudible] [applause] [cheers] >> he paid with lovin'. tom: right now the ceo of famous dave's, before that he was the president and ceo of mcdonald's for 13 years.
12:02 pm
sir, you have a terrific creative background in which you came up with the mcnuggets and the mcribs. what do you make of this lovin' it? >> you know, i think it's brilliant. this is a chance to speak to all generations. what is wrong with having a daughter or son saying that i love you and get a free big macs. crossgenerational, i think that the follow-up campaign is also a wonderful thing i will go to support her and i think that the chief marketing officers during such a fabulous job. what a great company with great people. i think it's brilliant.
12:03 pm
>> what you say is so interesting. yes, it is a feel good moment to see these commercials. but i don't know if people are seeing it as coming home to the thanksgiving table. but i think that they want ursa don't taste like yoga mats. so is it a short-term boost or what? >> the great secret to their success has always been the franchise and that is a great motivating force. i think the new ceo is bryant, chief marketing officer is brilliant. personally, i am a quarter pound cheeseburger every once in a while and i think the food is fantastic. maybe i'm biased, but i love it. and it's almost to the right now -- tom: it's kind of an elitist snob or that i don't have mcdonald's, but i only go to shake shack orb famous dave's and the fast food industry is now getting fragmented into if
12:04 pm
you are a young hipster you can't be going or be seen at this particular place. >> yes, there are billions of dollars if no one is going there, who is remap look, i'm a barbecue guy and i love that. the donald's is a great franchise and great franchisee and they're going to be great. >> mcdonald's walked away from aaa in 2006. that was like hbo walking away -- wait, that was like hbo walking away from "breaking bad." what a decision that was. >> i think that mcdonald's needs to stick to this and it is so that they get off on tangents with boston market and i think it's been better for them to be
12:05 pm
out there on their own and it looks like what a magnificent company there are. it's good for everyone. tom: you have a great background, thank you very much. shake shack, i mention them, big winner on friday. it was crazy. but not today. >> they're giving things back. the stock was up almost 120% on friday after pricing at a higher level than anybody anticipated. and is only giving back 3.5% as we speak. it went to $42. at the ipo price is still well below that. and certainly they are looking for the growth opportunity.
12:06 pm
and we really cater to the affluent customer. this is something that the other teams cannot compete with. so that is what people are betting on. they have 63 restaurants in the plant open 10 of them each year until they can get close to 500. but the shake shack certainly has wowed wall street and they are giving a little bit back today. >> this is why all these people are looking for these big growth that you are talking about. >> yes, there are plenty of people that think that this is insane for this company. tom: nicole petallides, thank you so much. last week we told you about apple's plans to seal $5 billion in bonds. to borrow the money and then bring back all that they have parked overseas. well the president wants to tax it and that's part of -- talk about the 4 billion budget plan
12:07 pm
that he has. a lot of this taxing a lot of these monies overseas, steve moore joins us. this announcement could not be more of a slap in the face than what the president is proposing. >> yes, they had to borrow money because they can't bring the money that they store overseas back to the united states. and what sense does that make? why would we have a federal policy that discourages american company from bringing money back here to the united states so they can build jobs and factories in the united states that is because they have to pay the high corporate tax. what a lot of members of congress including rand paul have proposed with barbara boxer who is a liberal democrat is why not make these companies pay may be a little bit more of a tax five or 6% bring in money to the treasury. it creates jobs here. it's good for shareholders. and then these companies don't have to borrow.
12:08 pm
>> steve, you might as well get the republicans to be better successful at teaching to borrow other than raising taxes right now. here's the other thing that the president will lay that the last time that we did a tax holiday, the companies laid off workers and they basically -- 60 the 90% dividends. what i want to say is so what? so what do they return capital to investment dividends. and so what do you say to that? >> first of all, i agree with you. that analysis, that they use the money to help workers is crazy. if you look at the evidence, it raised money for the treasury according to every analysis including the governments own money. something like 20 or $30 billion in the federal treasury and inseparable these companies did expand their operations and use a lot of money for things like stock buyback and you guys know
12:09 pm
this is an investment show. when these companies by that the stocks, what happens to the values of the shares? it's good for everyone and workers it's good for everyone. can you explain to me the downside? >> the only thing i did not like about it that drives me crazy about tax policy out of washington is these temporary tax holidays. just change the policy, change the rate because if i'm running in some company i need to do -- at least my five-year budgeting. >> you're exactly right, if we could cut out the corporate tax rates to someone somewhere in the neighborhood of this i would like to just happened to the shareholders, if we do that then the companies wouldn't pay this for bringing the money back and that's what we want them to do. i want america to have a fair advantage in money that is stored abroad to come to the united states. that helps american workers.
12:10 pm
>> we have been out this for six years, that these policies, the labor force is 140 million, less than 2% by 2008. a 14% tax hike is never temporary. why not cut out the government waste first? >> populist messages get votes. but i think the voters -- i think they're going to be smarter. >> you know, if you look at the obama budget that came out this morning, it is all basically tax increases in the top one or 2% the president revealed as in the state of the union address. if you take a look at who gets hurt by these investment taxes and the capital gains tax when president obama and it is a 50%, he now wants to take up to 20% and that would be almost doubling of the tax on investment. the company is -- this is a simple economics lesson. but it's sobering. companies invest less in
12:11 pm
factories and things like that, there are fewer jobs. if american workers are not as productive because they don't have technology, they cannot get paid as much. wire wages stagnant? because companies are not investing. [inaudible] we want one you are using common sense. that is your problem. you need to give the answer that obama gave when he was running for president in 2008. saying that it's fairer. >> that's right, i would be in favor of raising the capital gains tax is added it didn't raise revenue and that's where we are today. >> steve, thank you for the economics and we appreciate it. let's talk about the president. the president did sit down for an interview with nbc and savanna guthrie and all that is going on in the world. so what is this? what is this that they chose to talk about, take a listen.
12:12 pm
[inaudible] >> we could have a game of either or. football or basketball? >> i'm still a best ball guy loki but i love football. always offense. [inaudible] >> now that is tough. i'm going to go with chips. >> riveting. i just have to say. i'm kidding. the other thing the president said in his -- you know, that he was the first president since george w. bush excuse me george washington to make moves in the white house the internet is going crazy because george washington never lived in the white house and also hail to the chief with that kerfuffle over that one. but it will make you laugh. >> the pew research study to the survey. they said he's a nice guy, that he doesn't know what he's doing. so, i mean you go have a beer
12:13 pm
with the guy he's nice but he doesn't know what doing. that is pew research area and coming up too shocking ads sparking internet outrage. go daddy lost puppy and the nationwide dead kid ad. which one did you find more outrageous? and the measles outbreak of sparking a nationwide debate on mandatory vaccines. doctor marc siegel weighing in on that after the break. >> the government can say that we won't let you in the door if the child is not vaccinated. that the government cannot force needles and pins into your kids skin without your approval
12:14 pm
12:15 pm
the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do.
12:16 pm
tom: gas is on the rise and refinery workers on strike across the u.s., the biggest in 35 years. liz macdonald, a lot of refineries. >> yes, apparently 10% of the refining capacity, the question is will gas prices go up.
12:17 pm
last time there was an oil refinery strike like this that lasted three months. this was settled earlier that is what we heard from wall street, no confirmation yet. what we need to realize is that oil stocks that used to make gas are at levels unheard of since 1982 when the government started tracking it. even though oil is popping up gas and oil could trend downward because we have a lot of inventory. tom: that is where everyone is waiting for if there's a bottom coming up soon. switching subjects. tom friedman warning that the united states could see a large outbreak of the measles. there are least 102 reported cases in 14 states and fox news medical team, doctor mark stevens is with us. are you worried about this? >> yes, i am. we need an attitude shift, we have 92% vaccination rate in the country, it's not enough, measles is the most contagious virus known to man or woman.
12:18 pm
90%, seriously. that means if you had it and i wasn't vaccinated and i was sitting here next year 90% chance that i will get it. tom: people say you don't have to worry if your vaccinated. >> in a way they are right because of the 99% effectiveness and the great vaccine. but it's not 100%. it wears off and 10% of the cases. so you or i might not be immune. so notice that i at disneyland into that and i will have to check with the antibodies to see if you're still immune or not. tom: when i was a child, i think i got the measles area but i'm not sure. but i don't know what shots that i got smacked if you got the measles you are immune. everyone that thinks they have this as a child didn't necessarily. they might have had german measles. but the biggest problem here is
12:19 pm
an and those of us who are adults who may have worn off it's the 13,000 parents last year who took that exemption and said that i don't believe in the mmr vaccine and i don't want my kids to having another kid can go to school because of that exemption. >> how bad you think that this outbreak all get and what happens when adults get them two isn't it a worse thing for adults to get it? >> i'm worried that this could get into the thousands. you know 145,000 kids died last year world wide of the measles. >> i did not know that. to answer this question in the u.s., with our health care system, it is not very likely that you're going to die from the measles. and 10% get pneumonia, one out of a thousand die. and so it's something to be taken quite seriously. >> speaking of children, the cdc says it's found a lot of packaged goods for toddlers that
12:20 pm
contain high amounts of salt and sugar. are you surprised? >> i'm not happy about it. one out of nine infants and young children already have high blood pressure and the reason is because of the salt. >> babies? >> yes, babies and young children. because 80% of kids aged one to three exceed the amount of salt but they are supposed to get on a daily basis. because they eat the package hot dogs were two and cheese or even cereal bars and they are loaded with salt. your only swiss do have 1.5 grams of salt if you're a kid. most kids are getting a lot more than that and that is just a small problem with high blood pressure and it leads to heart disease later on. most kids are not having high blood pressure, but it is a problem. you be all the salt all your life and eventually you have it. smack you look at children and you think back and cheese, all little kids love machen cheese.
12:21 pm
but how much of a product is easier to make at home than it is to buy a packaged product. >> you know i didn't know that it was interior all bars. >> added sugar added salt most of the products have at least one added sugar and i think it's something like high fructose corn syrup. kids are obese, they are taking too much sugar. tom: you are doing the education. doctor mark siegel. thank you so much. >> kids will drink what you give them. tom: i like water. water is good.
12:22 pm
okay, the midwest getting slammed with another huge winter storm. after the break we have a live report from a very cold jeff flock know that chasing performance can mean lower returns and fewer choices in retirement. know that proper allocation could help increase returns so you can enjoy that second home sooner. know the right financial planning can help you save for college and retirement. know where you stand with pnc total insight. a new investing and banking experience with personalized guidance and online tools. visit a branch, call or go online today.
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tom: a major winter storms sweeping through the midwest on sunday and then making its way to the east coast. jeff flock is in indiana. hello. >> hello to you. we have had blizzard conditions this is what we have, were sliding down the hill that made it the fifth-largest snowfall total that chicago has ever seen. and as we can tell i'm up to my knees here. 20 inches or so.
12:27 pm
and especially because of the intense cold a few weeks ago this time it snowed the first major winter storm of the season and this is hitting new england pretty much today. i guess that we should expect this. but right now if you want to get around it might make you out of breath. >> yes, that was a youtube moment there. tom: we ask you which of the super bowl ads will be outrageous. there was nationwide insurance would child discussing his death
12:28 pm
or the go daddy ad that was pulled friday to the super bowl over concerns. what was more outrageous? >> i did not like them, the go daddy ad i didn't like it i thought it was too edgy i'm an animal lover, trying to take a dig at the budweiser puppy ad and that did not play. people didn't realize that that's what happened. i think the nationwide at is a super bowl slot. and again, it's lit on fire over this, calling it morbid and disturbing to try to sell insurance, and even the company's reaction to the outrage over the nationwide ad is making the situation worse. tom: the nationwide ad was in very poor taste and i hope that -- i just think of all the people i feel so bad for them all the people that lost children. >> that's right, it's hurtful to
12:29 pm
them. i'm not even sure if nationwide thought of that. what they are saying is we want to build awareness of the issue but they also said this. they said that we wanted to stage an intervention. we are serious about that and we want to see that they are going to stage an intervention into this issue of people dying from accidents. and the role that people want. is that what they are about? they are about selling insurance.
12:30 pm
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>> checking the boards. the dow down. it was up for team. we have been a little bit
12:34 pm
positive. apple announces it will sell and other $5 billion in ons. getting it taxed by the president. apple kind of liked that. the stock is up a little bit on this news. a sad day in the pacific northwest. keith fitzgerald joins us from portland. everybody in the civic northwest has to be sad. >> well, yeah. the reaction is muted. everybody wants their home team to win. you have to recognize the skills that the players have. why the coach tells you to put it in the air when you are a yard away? i do not know. >> we are all monday quarterbacks literally, on this
12:35 pm
one. more adult diapers are sold compared to baby diapers. >> well, it is. i spent 25 years over there, as you know. something caught my attention very graphically. more than half. the population will drop 30 million people. it is not what everybody over here thinks it is. tom: if you have a shrinking population, that is one of the problems. russia recently had a day where he was taking a day off and go home and make babies. that was promoted by the government. basically replacing.
12:36 pm
what happens when the population shrinks like that? >> japan is an example for the rest of the world. they have the worst demographics on the planet. that will be a global market not a japanese market, per se. the bailout over there will work its way back here. the exporters have the real economic strength over there. >> keith, it is liz here. the valuations, curran c problems. i think that is where the lack swans are floating. do you focus on mid- caps, small caps that operate the united states? central banks continue to devalue around the world. >> i think that this is a parallel to the 1920s. i think you do want to be u.s.
12:37 pm
centered. the large-cap u.s. you have the economic diversity. the white house can't screw it up. the banks can't screw it up. tom: well said. keith fitzgerald, great visiting with you. mitt romney announced that he will not run for a third time for president in 2016. the news broke on this program on friday. right now we are joined by his nephew. we will get to that in a minute. brian, i have to ask you what is the watercooler talk in the family kitchen? >> a hard decision i am sure he had to make. >> it seems like such a strong
12:38 pm
family. >> this was a decision with his wife and five boys. >> they are very private people. >> back to your business. i want to get your reaction, too. >> it is an interesting issue. >> the public safety. public health. look at epidemics we have had. the portfolio, for example. we have been able to eradicate. measles are the same way. it appears as though a continuation or nude development of people not vaccinating. i think, all in all vaccinations are a good egg.
12:39 pm
personally, i do not love the government mandating things. tom: no, i do not either. this has been my concern ever since obama was first debated into congress. not getting a lot of these super drugs that will make it easier. we have to go through what math generation through. >> it is an interesting issue. focused on developing new. we have this very interesting issue where we have had very little development. big pharmaceuticals.
12:40 pm
>> of biopharmaceuticals. >> you see a huge problem right now. the cdc. the who. antibiotic resistance. the drugs that we have are becoming less and less effect if. >> do you think your uncle mitt would be a great treasury secretary? >> i like the business expert. tom: thank you. appreciate you coming on. >> casting a dark cloud over football recently. making it safer for everyone that plays. we have the guy that created it after the break. ♪
12:41 pm
12:42 pm
♪ >> i am nicole petallides with your fox business brief. highest we have had. we have had that back and forth action. the s&p 500 sitting at 2000.
12:43 pm
taking a look at some of the dow winners. oil up for the third day in a row. chevron has been the winter. microsoft also along the winners. now it is the other way around. airlines are pulling back. do not forget we have also had two storms in a week that have caused many cancellations. chip wilson says it is time to step down. get this company on track. ♪
12:44 pm
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tom: how about those gas prices. they are holding steady. let's bring in player 11. going down and down and down and down. what are you expecting from here? >> i think we can go a little bit higher. we are starting to find some buyers and oil. obviously it has really slowed down. and awful lot of people short on that sector. tom: what about this refinery news.
12:46 pm
>> refineries going on strike. they are really having to waste to look at that. giving that market a huge effect. >> those businesses are not doing as well as they were a year ago. tom: perfect. football is not the safest sport. new technology is helping to make it safer. technology behind the latest safety gear. >> we have unequal technologies.
12:47 pm
the military and sports. we developed some year and some ultrathin ultralight military great composite. we, in part, attributes to bullet proof vests. or a windbreaker that a police man might wear that has protection. we have that kind of technology am brought it across to sports. you talk about what an athlete feels when they come off the field. they really do have a sense that they feel better. >> what is in the helmet. >> study in 2014. we have some material. this is called the unequal gyro.
12:48 pm
after 15 months of them doing their due diligence they decided to do a study of 20 teams. they picked the teams. it is generally the number that is thrown around in youth sports. we not it down to 1%. >> the helmets have gotten thicker. this is a nice thin material. would you say that that makes a difference? >> when you put this -- this is about managing energy better. there is a lot of solid evidence. >> think about this. we take a high-fiber. some thing like kevlar.
12:49 pm
we code that with varying thickness. depending on the application you put that into a bulletproof vest. it is kevlar on the front and bulletproof behind it. take a look at this. this is a picture that i brought along. this is a cracked helmet roundup olympics. she took a spill. cracked the helmet in half. oh, my gosh. we did not even know. >> this is the border.
12:50 pm
this shows the crack in the border right there. you can see the crack right there. >> yes. exactly. she ran into our technology at the x games. we were so grateful that she had that protection and so was she. tom: the police benefit association, we need new jackets. bulletproof vest. the old ones have expired. does this wear out? >> there is a shelf life. any kind of always resistant vest. any kind of bullet resistant vest has a standard. i kind of forget that.
12:51 pm
they do have two be taken off and replaced. yes. >> thank you very much. that is amazing. katy perry put a heck of a halftime show on. will it translate to more album shows for her? lauren simonetti will give us the answer right after this. ♪
12:52 pm
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topol ♪ >> katy perry put on a spectacular halftime show last night. they are not paid directly. laura simonetti is here. >> she could command higher fees for everything now. she has a broader exposure. now you have war fans them that things to missy elliott. terms of highest growth in female artists.
12:56 pm
he sold so many more albums after his super bowl performance. last year he grossed $60 million. >> that is the thing. i cannot remember what group it was that said they would not do it unless they got paid. hello? >> you are widening your audience and really putting yourself on this age. it was a great show. >> i am not a big celebrity follower. i loved it. i thought that it was great. >> yes. it was original. >> i thought she was going to get hit by a firework. how come lady gaga has never done it? >> maybe now it will be in the
12:57 pm
cards. tom: all right. lauren simonetti, thank you. we have more varney coming up right after this. ♪
12:58 pm
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12:59 pm
>> i think that the united states needs to understand that they want a different agenda here. they have to flip the story so that it is no longer us on our knees. $200 million good. tom: that was kt mcfarland and there. now, here are some of your thoughts on today's show. nationwide decided to take the opportunity to educate. charlie asked this. hospitals can require employees to do this and school should be able to do the same.
1:00 pm
right now it is time for risk and reward. >> great to see you. i am lori roth meant. president obama just laying out his budget for the new year. fourteen aliens of it will be earmarked for cyber security. google is losing ground when it comes to your search engine of choice. we will tell you who is coming up quickly behind them. the most watched and most tweeted about in history. the executive editor of adweek is here as well. let's get things started with our top story. a $4 trillion budget today. peter barnes is at the white house.


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